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The Abe Mamet Trio, Quintet, and Septet. A critically acclaimed group of dynamic sizes that plays Abe's original music, focused on creating community through groove and improvisation.

LMB. An acoustically-based (but electrically informed) improvised duo with Jamie Sandel.

Also Chosen. A collective/leaderless trio with Zoë Jorgenson-Speirs (bass) and Keith Butler (drums) that focuses on creating soft and lush landscapes woven from traditions of jazz, improvisation, and groove.

Cutting Ceremony. An acoustic improvised trio with Tracy Lisk and Pete Dennis.

WMD Drone Trio. A collective/leaderless trio with Mat Waterman (trombone) and Nelson Dougherty (guitar and effects) that plays improvised drone music.

Ensemble Zara. A medium-size ensemble led by Sarah Hughes that presents her original music. Intersections of jazz, through-composed, and improvisation. Self-titled album available on Bandcamp.

Julius Watkins Tribute. A special quintet formed to present the music and genius of Julius Watkins. Personnel varies.

Concentric Circles. An electrified improvised trio with Christine Paluch and Daniel Newhauser

AFree Symphony. A large-format ensemble led by Aaron Freeman.

The IM Factory Nonet. A Gil Evans style nonet co-led with Pete Isaac

Acoustic Trio. A standards trio with upright bass and drum kit. Personnel varies.

Electric Trio. A more avant-garde standards trio with Abe electrified. (usually) with Mike Paik on guitar and Julian Berkowitz on drums.


I have appeared on a number of albums: We Wear The Mask by B.J. Simmons; Everything by Gerhard Graml; Spokesperson for the Human Existence by Cloudy Jane; Ensemble Zara by Sarah Marie Hughes; or valleys and by Nate Scheible; S/t by Seventh Shadow of the Sun

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